Leading manufacturer and distributor of ready-made and custom-made garments

MODELO LTD employs 60 people, in the units of production, administration and services.

The company’s highly-skilled team includes creative designers, production managers, technicians, quality control experts and manufacturing specialists.

At the same time, MODELO LTD collaborates with more than 30 companies-subcontractors all over Europe.

This way the company ensures the availability of a great selection of ready-made garments for international markets and is able to respond fast to orders of any size.


Ready-made garments

We offer a great selection of women’s and men’s clothing and sportswear…

Technical Design Development

Being a full-service garment manufacturing factory, we start from zero…

Fabrics and Trim Sourcing

Aiming at providing you with everything you need to create your clothing line…

Fabric Cutting & Sewing

Our cutting team is equipped with advanced fabric cutting tools and carries…

Pattern Making

Our factory has professional pattern makers and graders who are available…

And many more services...

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MODELO LTD’ s factory is located in the industrial area of Koprivlen, Bulgaria, in new private facilities, built in a total space of 1600 sq.m.

It is supplied with state-of-the-art garment production equipment and produces high quality women’s and men’s clothing as well as sportswear, matching every client’ s needs and expectations.