Very high productivity up to 600sqm/hr stable and high resolution / Speed flexibility and very competitive prices

The sublimation process begins with pressing paper specially formulated to transfer ink into fabric. The paper goes through a printer and gets coated in water-based ink, available in the widest range of achievable print colours. It then comes out the other side covered in the desired print and ready for a heat transfer.
Sublimation printing is the most proven method of printing on any synthetic fabric, resulting in a 100% permanent print every time. This technologically progressive method of printing uses a digital printed to transfer water-based inks onto paper. The paper is then heat-pressed onto the synthetic fabric of choice. Sublimation printing transfers the dyes onto the fabric at a molecular level, essentially meaning the ink and the fabric are now one indistinguishable item, rather than the dye sitting on the fabric to simply wash off. This process results in a completely permanent, incredibly vibrant printed synthetic fabric.

Our company is equipped with several high speed dye sublimation printers which print super fast sublimation dyes up to 280cm wide format. Our printers are equipped with grayscale inkjet head with high resolution and great color performance and a very high productivity up to 600sqm/hr stable and high resolution!