Ready-made garments

We offer a great selection of women’s and men’s clothing and sportswear.

Our collections are attuned to all fashion changes and in agreement with the market standards.

Fabrics and Trim Sourcing

Aiming at providing you with everything you need to create your clothing line, we have a dedicated team in our factory for sourcing fabrics and trims, both in Europe and the entire world. This way, we can ensure you’ll find high quality fabrics and trims to meet all of your requirements.

Services - Garments & Fabrics
Services - Pattern Making

Pattern Making

Our factory has professional pattern makers and graders who are available to interpret your designs and create hard copies thus ensuring the production of high quality garments. All patterns are developed into live samples and reviewed before finalization.

We also develop digital patterns, which enable us to plan the layout and cut more precisely.

Technical Design Development

Being a full-service garment manufacturing factory, we start from zero, so if you don’t have technical designs, you can simply give us your drawings or sketches and our technical team will develop them for you.

Fabric Cutting

Our cutting team is equipped with advanced fabric cutting tools and carries out all kinds of cutting in-house.

We also offer laser cutting services, for even more detailed patterns and excellent cutting precision for your garments.


Doing all sewing in-house, we are able to provide our clients with high quality garments and, of course, competitive prices.

Our sewing team, up-to-date with the latest and most advanced techniques, is efficient in all kinds of sewing, which results in production of high-end quality clothing.

Service - Cutting & Sewing
Service - Printing & Embroidery - Grading

Printing and Embroidery

With an extended network of associates in Bulgaria and Greece, we offer all kinds of printing (digital, screen, block) for your clothes.

We also provide hand and computer embroidery services. Some of the materials we use are: cotton threads, pearls, metal strips and chains, crystals, beads, frosted and acrylic stones and sequins.


We offer full grading services: briefing about the range of sizes each pattern needs, production of a grading specification sheet and creation of patterns for each of the sizes required.

Our computerized grading method and our trained and experienced technicians assure the grading is always accurate.


After pattern making, proto-samples and fit-samples are produced. These are discussed, reviewed and commented by the customer and, if necessary, modifications on the patterns are made, in order for the desired fit to be achieved.

Before mass production, a pre-production sample of each pattern is made and sent for approval. This sample is manufactured in the production line and by the use of the exact production fabric, printing and embroidery.

We also provide photo and show samples.

Quality Control

Our multi-level quality control process starts from the sampling stage and ends in the packaging stage. This way, we can ensure that the final product will be delivered to you in perfect condition.

Services - Sampling - Quality Control
Services - Labels Orders Packaging

Labels and Tags

Size and care tags are included in every order. If required we can also provide custom labels (we can use a variety of materials including paper, cloth or leather).

Orders of any size

We gladly undertake orders of any size.

Our dedicated team and collaborates can respond, in a short time and with care and attention to detail, to even the largest order.

Packaging and Delivery

After the final quality control, all products are carefully packaged in order to maintain their excellent condition and are delivered to your doorstep (we ship worldwide).