MODELO LTD’ s factory is located in the industrial area of Koprivlen, Bulgaria, in new private facilities, built in a total space of 1600 sq.m.

It is supplied with state-of-the-art garment production equipment and produces high quality women’s and men’s clothing as well as sportswear, matching every client’ s needs and expectations.

MODELO LTD’s factory, completed in 2010, gave the company the opportunity to succeed in one of its primary goals of bringing under one roof all of its operations. As a result, it managed to ensure excellent communication between all production and control units, excellent response time and the best possible quality control in all production stages.

Each unit is designed to serve a specific purpose and in compliance with modern standards and with the need for safety and perfect working conditions for all employees.

MODELO LTD’ s factory includes:

Separate space for designing the model patterns, so that productivity and uninterrupted inspiration of the designers/creators is ensured.

A store for materials, which includes a great variety of fabrics and accessories. Materials are renewed regularly, so that they are in synch with the latest trends.

Cutting out department, equipped with up-to-date cutting tools, providing all sort of cutting in-house.

Sewing workshop, where new generation machines, presses and devices are located.

A store for the ready-made products.

The offices.

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