We offer the choice of direct printing on natural fabrics, printing on viscose, cotton, wool, rayon and silk blends.

All of our fabrics receive a custom treatment before the printing process. This treatment involves each fabric being washed in a specially formulated liquid bath. This liquid is unique to each fabric type and is what eventually reacts with the dyes to achieve permanent printing results.

Once the treated fabrics have dried they are able to begin their print journey. Our printer is specially designed to print with reactive dyes. With its completely cutting-edge, space-age technology, printer’s can print millions colours, achieving a perfectly accurate print each and every time.

The next step is the steaming of the fabric. Our freshly printed fabric gets run through an elaborate steaming machine, coating it in 105 degree steam for about 10 minutes. The hot steam is what reacts with the dyes, permanently setting the colour into each textile fibre.

Afterwards is the wash phase. Once the fabric has been steamed and the setting reaction has taken place, we give the fabric a nice, cleansing wash and dry. At this point the colours are vibrant, intense and completely permanent.