MODELO LTD was founded by Nikos Papanikolaou, as a Private Limited Company, in Gotze Delchev, Bulgaria, in March 2004. The founder’s passion for clothing, which resulted in him constantly seeking ways of becoming competitive in the field, made the company a leading manufacturer and distributor of ready-made and custom-made garments (all type of women’s and men’s clothing and sportswear) in a very short time.

From August 2010, the company has been relocated to the village of Koprivlen, municipality of Hadzhidimovo, on a private area of 1.600 sq.m., on modern, well- equipped premises, in order to provide the best possible product and meet the needs of its employees.

About Us - Company
About Us - Company

MODELO LTD employs 60 people, in the units of production, administration and services. The company’s highly-skilled team includes creative designers, production managers, technicians, quality control experts and manufacturing specialists.

At the same time, MODELO LTD collaborates with more than 30 companies-subcontractors all over Europe. This way the company ensures the availability of a great selection of ready-made garments for international markets and is able to respond fast to orders of any size.

MODELO LTD serves a variety of clients, from international labels to independent fashion designers and small sized businesses.

Prioritizing perfection, MODELO LTD carefully examines every detail, in order to ensure that its garments meet international quality standards and are delivered at each client in perfect condition.